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In one of my projects we are using Jira and Greenhopper (with Confluence) to manage everything related to the project.

Another client I'm about to start working with uses TFS with workitems and the lots. After reading some material about TFS and its "agile setup" (and seeing some demos), I am wondering if I can get the best from both worlds. TFS can still host the code and the work items, but something else gives me the planning board, task board, burndown reports, etc.

I've googled a little and found products like this: http://www.targetprocess.com/ and http://www.eylean.com/.

Does anyone know about them and can comment on them, or comment on other similar tools?

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Even though this is officially off-topic (tools related advice is off-topic for StackOverflow):

Not that I know of, there are tools though that extend Team Foundation Server with additional features:

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I did wonder if I should/could ask it or not - I took my chances :) –  sonstabo Apr 25 '14 at 5:50

I am a sales manager of Eylean Board and ,as you mentioned, it has an integration with TFS. One of the main features that lets you easily use both tools is that Eylean simply visualises TFS work items on a Kanban board, so you wont need to learn a new tool. Other features include a time tracking system, various reports, drag and drop for task assigning, additional information for each task, etc.

More information can be found here: http://www.eylean.com/tfs

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