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I have a problem with cross forest migration:

The goal is to use prepare-moverequest.ps1 script and than run new-more request cmdlet.

Prepare-moverequest was successfull. I have new disabled MEU(mail enabled user).

The next step should be migrate th emailbox with new-moverequest.

But is throws exception: "LDAP server is unavailable"

between these forests the two way trust is created, i turned off all the windows firewall reatures and ,just in case, all the needed ports are definitely open by inbound and also outbound rules on both machines(ports: 808,53,135,389,3268,1024,88,445,443) On Source there is Exchange 2010 SP3, on target there is Ex2013.

If you(anybody) have an idea what else should be configured or know some tricky way to make it pass, please let me know.


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