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I'm changing my file organization for mysqlite files. Before, I had all methods for all tables in 1 file : DatabaseHandler

The file looks like that :

public class DatabaseHandler extends SQLiteOpenHelper {
public static final int DATABASE_VERSION = 1;
public static final String DATABASE_NAME = "mybase.db";
private static final String TABLE_TIENDA = "tienda";
private static final String TABLE_PROYECTO = "proyecto";
// Columns Name

private static final String TIENDA_ID = "id";
private static final String TIENDA_CANAL = "canal";
private static final String TIENDA_CIUDAD = "ciudad";

        + " TEXT," + PROYECTO_ACTIVO + " INTEGER)";


SQLiteDatabase db = null;

public DatabaseHandler(Context context) {

    super(context, DATABASE_NAME, null, DATABASE_VERSION);
    db = this.getReadableDatabase();

public void addProyecto(Proyecto p) {
        db = this.getWritableDatabase();
    ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
    values.put(PROYECTO_ID, p.proyectoid);
    values.put(PROYECTO_PLAN_ID, p.planid);
    values.put(PROYECTO_DESC, p.proyectodsc);
    values.put(PROYECTO_VIGENCIA, p.vigencia);
    values.put(PROYECTO_ACTIVO, p.activo);

    // Inserting Row
    db.insert(TABLE_PROYECTO, null, values);
    Log.e("DB", "inserting project:" + p.proyectodsc);
    db.close(); // Closing database connection

The thing is I work in several tables : Tienda, Proyecto, Captura and more. The Java Object Tinda has a Proyecto Object inside.

The thing is I wanted to separate each Table in a separated file. So I create clases DatabaseHandler, TiendaHandler, ProyectoHandler and CapturaHandler.

The thing in TiendaHandler is I use ProyectoHandler references which produce the error in the title :

public void addAllTienda(ArrayList<Pdv> ltiendas) {
    SQLiteDatabase db = this.getWritableDatabase();
    for (Pdv tienda : ltiendas) {
        Proyecto p = tienda.getProyecto();
        int proyectoId = p.proyectoid;
        if (!ProyectoHandler.existProyecto(db, proyectoId)) { // THis line produce error
            ProyectoHandler.addProyecto(db, p);

I don't know how to do it? It is good practice what I'm doing???

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If you use db.close() then you can't use this object again.

You should get a new reference to the DB using again getWritableDatabase().

A good thing to do: Don't save a reference to the Database, everytime you need to use it use open it and when you are done close it. Don't keep a reference alive more than it needs.

I refer to this

SQLiteDatabase db = null;

in DatabaseHandler

In your addProyecto you create a new reference to getWritableDatabase so the reference created in DatabaseHandler is losed. Since you close the reference inside addProyecto (with db.close) when you use the object db in other methods of DatabaseHandler you will get this Exception.

A way to fix it is to remove this

SQLiteDatabase db = null;

from the class and open/close the database in every method.

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I don't understand everything you say. Can you please explain the last phrase??? In my code, each iteration of addTienda open and close a db object. But it should not affect the other db object defined in addAllTienda. That's why I'm lost! – Juliatzin del Toro Apr 24 '14 at 14:54
@JuliatzindelToro Edited, it's clear now? – Marco Acierno Apr 24 '14 at 14:56
Ok, I understand better. I will try it and tell you! Tx !!! – Juliatzin del Toro Apr 24 '14 at 15:04

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