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I need to output multiple lines of text in SVG. For that I'm using the following scheme:

  <tspan> First line </tspan>
  <tspan> Second line </tspan>

First and second line of the text can have different number of characters, which can change dynamically. I want the second line to appear under the first line and text in both of them to be centered.

I can make second line appear below the first line by adding dy="15" for the second <tspan>.

I can align the text in each individual <tspan> by adding text-anchor="middle" to it.

But how to do relative centric alignment of those <tspan>'s?

I tried to use x="0" for each <tspan> but apparently it doesn't work since each <tspan> has different width and the rendered text in the shorter line is shifted to the left.

Is there a way to align centres of 2 <tspan>'s of different width using only CSS and/or SVG.

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` text-anchor="middle"` ? –  Paulie_D Apr 24 at 14:39
I added all the attributes you mentioned above and it works: jsfiddle.net/helderdarocha/e4bAh –  helderdarocha Apr 24 at 14:45

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If you add text-anchor="middle" to each tspan you will center them (you have to remove the space between the tspans as well, otherwise the extra space will be considered as part of the first line and they won't be completely centered).

For example:

    <text y="50" transform="translate(100)">
       <tspan x="0" text-anchor="middle">000012340000</tspan><tspan x="0" text-anchor="middle" dy="15">1234</tspan>

See: JSFiddle

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+1 because this answers the multiline portion of the question using dy as OP suggested. –  jshanley Apr 24 at 15:19
Thanks a lot. This resolved the problem. Funny enough, the space was really responsible for the misalignment of the lines. –  BartoNaz Apr 24 at 15:35


Use "text-anchor='middle'" like this:

<text text-anchor="middle">
  <tspan> First line </tspan>
  <tspan> Second line </tspan>

Read more about text-anchor property here

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Does that work?..Please demo! –  Paulie_D Apr 24 at 14:43
sorry display:inline-block; –  Naveen Singh raghuvanshi Apr 24 at 14:44
jsfiddle.net/z7Ltr demo here –  Naveen Singh raghuvanshi Apr 24 at 14:49
For me it doesn't work. For <tspan> I use x="0" and set css properties suggested by you and see no effect. In particular width: 100% doesn't seem to work for the <tspan>. –  BartoNaz Apr 24 at 14:51
@NaveenSinghraghuvanshi I believe the <text> occurs in the context of SVG. The way you did it you are just styling the XML. Place the text elements inside <svg> –  helderdarocha Apr 24 at 14:53

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