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I have a loop in a form and I'm trying to create multiple data with same name but I'm getting an error with my syntax.

I had another question to the same application HERE where I had a mass-assignment error because of the numbers in the array

<%= form_for [@hourable, @hour] do |f| %>

<% (1..7).each do |i| %>
  <%= select_tag "hour[#{i}][day]", options_for_select(days_hours) %>
  <%= select_tag "hour[#{i}][open_time]", options_for_select([ ... %>
  <%= select_tag "hour[#{i}][open_time]", options_for_select([ ... %>

<% end %>

<% end %>

Which is coming from [#{i}]. So I tried removing this, because I thought it would give me this array:

"hours" = 
[{"day"=>"Sunday","open_time"=>"6", "close_time"=>"6"}, 
{"day"=>"Monday","open_time"=>"6", "close_time"=>"6"},
{"day"=>"Tuesday","open_time"=>"6", "close_time"=>"6"}]

Originally I had this:


How do I get to the correct array?




class HoursController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :get_hourable
  def new
    @hour = @hourable.hours.new
  def create
    @hour = @hourable.hours.new(params[:hour])

  def get_hourable
    @hourable = params[:hourable].camelize.constantize.find_by_user_id(current_user)

  def hourable_id
    params[(params[:hourable].singularize + "_id").to_sym]

day_hours in my helper

def days_hours
  ['Sunday', 'Sunday'],
  ['Monday', 'Monday'],
  ['Tuesday', 'Tuesday'],
  ['Wednesday', 'Wednesday'],
  ['Thursday', 'Thursday'],
  ['Friday', 'Friday'],
  ['Saturday', 'Saturday']

This is my model:

class Hour < ActiveRecord::Base

  attr_accessible :day, :open_time, :close_time, :days_attributes
  include IceCube
  belongs_to :hourable, polymorphic: true
  belongs_to :professional

  serialize :schedule, Hash
  serialize :hour, Hash

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Is your aim to get a correct array? –  Rajesh C O Apr 24 at 14:49
@RajeshCO yes please. I tried deleting the iteration thinking it'll work but I'm getting the error –  andrewliu Apr 24 at 14:55
what is the value for days_hours? Show the contents of controller also. –  Rajesh C O Apr 24 at 14:57
@RajeshCO I updated my post with controller, what do you mean days_hours? I can't find out what the value I get with "hour[day]" because I get an internal server error. I also updated what my form looks like –  andrewliu Apr 24 at 15:01
days_hours in <%= select_tag "hour[#{i}][day]", options_for_select(days_hours) %>. Actually the options_for_select is used for populating option values in a select tag. Please post the Model also. –  Rajesh C O Apr 24 at 15:22

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Try this:

<%= form_for [@hourable, @hour] do |f| %>

  <% 7.times do %>
    <%= select_tag "hour[][day]", options_for_select(days_hours) %>
    <%= select_tag "hour[][open_time]", options_for_select([ ... %>
    <%= select_tag "hour[][close_time]", options_for_select([ ... %>
  <% end %>

<% end %>

Starting with hour[] generates an array within params[:hour]. Each element in the array will have the keys after hour[] - in this case, :day, :open_time, and :close_time.

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With this method, I get this error: Internal Server Error: expected Hash (got Array) for param 'hour' –  andrewliu Apr 27 at 4:03
That's a good sign - raise params or put in binding.pry and you'll see you're getting the Array you want. Now you have to assign the values properly in the controller. You're only creating one object and assigning params[:hour] to it. That won't work, because it's an array of hashes. Here's what you need: @hourable.hours << params[:hour].map { |hour_attrs| Hour.create(hour_attrs) } –  amcaplan Apr 27 at 6:12
To clarify: you want to create 7 Hour objects, right? Your controller only creates one. The line of code I wrote will give you one Hour object for each set of :day, :open_time, and :close_time the user inputs. Of course, you will want to make sure that if the user didn't fill in all lines, it's still handled properly... but that's the next step. –  amcaplan Apr 27 at 6:22
I tried and replaced @hour = @hourabl.hours.new(params[:hour]) with @hourable.hours << params[:hour].map { |hour_attrs| Hour.create(hour_attrs) } but still getting the same error. I'm only doing a loop of up to 7 Hour objects because there's 7 days in a week, but eventually I want it dynamic where users can put more than 1 set of hours in 1 day, so it eventually it'll be more than 7 Hour objects. –  andrewliu Apr 27 at 19:28
Can you look at the params and tell me what you're getting now? Maybe that will help us see where the error is creeping in. –  amcaplan Apr 28 at 16:38

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