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I am new to the Javascript world, being majorly into OOP. I have tried to look up online for a clear cut distinction between Karma and Mocha but in vain. I know Karma is a Test Runner and Mocha is a unit testing Framework, but Mocha also has its own driver and can be used for running tests in the browser. That said, I don't understand what Karma brings to the plate, and why are people using these in conjunction.

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Image the following scenario:
* Write your own test suites with Mocha
* Use Karma to run programmatically your Mocha tests cross-browser and cross-devices
* More, integrate Karma with your Jasmine existing environment
* Even more, integrate Karma in your Continuous Integration cycle
* Use a million Karma plugin to check coverage, complexity, framework stuff, etc...

The power of Karma is that it can spawn real browsers - such Chrome or Firefox - to effectively test your code with them.

With Mocha you can run it in a NodeJS environment or in a webpage.

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To be fair though, you can run mocha in multiple browsers to get the cross-browser effect you list. Karma really shines as a test runner, continuous integration, retesting on file change, ability to use in conjunction with jasmine/qunit, etc – Harry Moreno Sep 16 '15 at 6:26
That is what I am saying, nothing different than you. ;) – MarcoL Sep 16 '15 at 6:31

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