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I would like to pass the arguments to the function of two ways, as the Sum function in Excel does. eg. = SUM (A1, B1, C1) or SUM (A1: C1).

Either way, separately, I know.

1) Calc (double fstNum, double secNum, double thdNum, double fthNum)

2) Calc (xl_array p_array *)

Any help will be appreciated.


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It may help to think of SUM(...) as operating on ranges of cells:

SUM(Rg1, Rg2, Rg3, ... )

Then your two examples are: (a) 3 ranges of 1 cell each, and (b) 1 range of 3 cells.

[ In response to uncommented downvote. ]


3) Calc (xl_array p_array1 *, xl_array p_array2 *, xl_array p_array3 *, xl_array p_array4 *)

Nothing (of course!) that these arrays can be 2 dimensional.

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