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Is there a way to avoid mayavi to cut some characters in a text? I'm trying to do

t = mlab.text(0.8, 0.9, '5', width=0.18, line_width = 1., color = (0, 0, 0))

But I get something like`

Cut text

It looks fine if I use a text such as '25'. I also tried to use '5'.rjust(2), but with no success.

-- EDIT -- The rest of the code is this

from mayavi import mlab
import mayavi

# Figure specs
f = mlab.figure(bgcolor=(1, 1, 1), fgcolor=(0, 0, 0), size=(500, 500))

# Read a data file.
data = mlab.pipeline.open('image.vtu')

# Extract vec comp and plot
vecomp = mlab.pipeline.extract_vector_components(data)
vecomp.component = 'z-component'
surfc = mlab.pipeline.surface(vecomp, vmax=1, vmin=-1, colormap='hot')
mlab.view(elevation = 0)
t = mlab.text(0.8, 0.9, '00',  width=0.16, line_width = 1., color = (0, 0, 0))
# Save
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Can you provide more detail about the rest of the visualization? I am not able to reproduce your problem when just plotting text. –  aestrivex Apr 25 '14 at 16:10
Hi, I edited the question and put the rest of the code :) I don't know exactly if the problem is the size of the figure –  David Winchester Apr 26 '14 at 11:02
I tried to just run your code snippet replacing image.vtu with some other stock vtu image, and it crashed with a C++ error that I didn't understand. Suffice to say, I cannot reproduce your problem with the text. The call to mlab.text prints out the text 00 in the renderer. –  aestrivex Apr 30 '14 at 18:25
ohh, thanks for your time anyway :) Maybe it is a bug, but I'm not sure –  David Winchester Apr 30 '14 at 18:27

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