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I currently have a product that works in a simple master/slave(s) setup. The master coordinates communication between itself and all slave nodes (and between slave nodes). Now I want to modify this product so that any node can assume the coordinator role (so that master/slave designations are no longer static).

Is there an existing term for this sort of setup? I can think of a couple options but I don't want to bias the answers.

(And for those questioning why I'd ask this on StackOverflow, I think choosing the correct terminology for your design and functionality is an extremely important programming practice. After all, there's a lot more to programming than knowing where to put the semi-colon. Please consider this before you automatically close the question as off-topic.)

Edit: For clarification, only one node at a time can assume the coordinator role. So while any node can take on the role, there can not be multiples at once.

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multi master, peer to peer, without single point of failure, leader election, decentralized

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