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I have this code that was working on Rails 3.2

arg = Project.first.tasks
return arg.map{|l| identifier_for l } if arg.kind_of? Array

Now as in Rails 4 it returns a ActiveRecord::Associations::CollectionProxy::ActiveRecord_Associations_CollectionProxy_Tasks and not an Array the if doesn't works.

What is the right way to update this piece of code?

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I am not sure about the solution I am proposing, as I don't know about you complete code, but I think this if you have here to check, whether you have got the results in arg or not. You can do this in following way as well:-

arg = Project.first.tasks
return arg.map{|l| identifier_for l } unless arg.blank?
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What i did is:

if arg.kind_of?(ActiveRecord::Associations::CollectionProxy)
  return arg.map{|l| identifier_for l }

Could please anyone confirm if this is the right approach?

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