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I'm working on my first proper Backbone app, and am using Foundation 5 for the first time to handle the styling.

I realized today that my awesome top-bar is actually not working in mobile form, which I have repaired by including the necessary foundation / modernizr.js files.

However, now that the mobile version of the menu works, in as much as it expands, and drop-down menus slide in from the side... none of the 'click' events I have running on my menu work anymore.

NavBar is a BackBone.View which loads my menu into the DOM:

var NavBar = Backbone.View.extend({
template: _.template($("#base-nav").html()),
events: {
    "click #btn-leave-application": "CardLeaveApplication",
    "click #btn-review-leave-applications": "CardLeaveApplicationReview",
    "click #btn-leave-calendar": "CardLeaveCalendar"
initialize: function(){
    console.log('nav view created');        

render: function(){
CardLeaveApplication: function(){
    console.log("leave app click");
    var cardLeaveApplication = new CardLeaveApplication({model: new LeaveApplicationModel()});
CardLeaveApplicationReview: function(){
    var cardLeaveApplicationReview = new CardLeaveApplicationReview();
CardLeaveCalendar: function(){
    var cardLeaveCalendar = new CardLeaveCalendar();

I initialize Foundation in my NavBar.render().

The events I have in my events hash are the menu links, specified by link id. Feel free to comment on other Backbone related stuff i'm doing wrong, I'm still feeling my way BIG TIME.

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