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we are compiling Doxygen docs on the travis-ci server and want to push them onto our gh-pages branch.

How do I handle the authorization for git push? Does someone have an example for using encrypted variables in travis-ci? Should I go for https authorization or for an SSH key?


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The travis-ci documentation here reccomends adding this to push to a git repo:

   - chmod 600 .travis/deploy_key.pem # this key should have push access
   - ssh-add .travis/deploy_key.pem
   - git remote add deploy DEPLOY_REPO_URI_GOES_HERE
   - git push deploy

However, this is insecure as it has you store your unprotected private key in you source code.

What you can do though is add your ssh key as a encrypted environmental variable using the travis tool. Just do travis encrypt DEPLOY_KEY=<private ssh key with write access> --add env.matrix

Now you just need to add this line to the beginning of after_success:

cat $DEPLOY_KEY > .travis/deploy_key.pem

Please note that after_success will toggle in every build in the build matrix so if you have multiple jobs per build your code will get pushed multiple times, which won't do anything but is good to know that it is occurring.

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i will try this out - please stand by for the star –  Stasik Apr 26 at 19:31
the key was too long for secured env variable, see my alternative solution –  Stasik Apr 27 at 10:00

Just to add another solution, I used a HTTPS token from github, encrypted it and used HTTPS for checkouts and pushes

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