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I'm in the process of implementing a series of web api services that must be separated and isolated from each other when running. For this, each service is a different Asp.NET Web Api project, but for simplicity and cohesion, we have it all in the same solution.

We plan on deploying the services using Azure Cloud Services but I can't find a way to set up the projects so each one is published on a different CloudService.


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Why? You just need to create a publish profile for each webapi project –  Thiago Custodio Apr 24 at 21:53
Can't you just have separate cloud project for each webapi project in your solution and publish them separately? –  Gaurav Mantri Apr 25 at 5:12
Thanks @ThiagoCustodio and GauravMantri, this is what I ended up doing, I wasn't sure if it was a posibility. –  mauriciod73 Apr 25 at 15:27

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