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I was practicing plotting in matplotlib, and I noticed that the following code works correctly when I run it as one big chunk, but not when I enter it line by line into the console (a blank figure window shows up, but the line does not). What gives?

import matplotlib.pylab as plt

I'm running Enthought Canopy, Python 2.7.6., matplotlib 1.3.1


P.S. What I find even stranger is if I subsequently type fig into the console, all of a sudden the correct plot pops up in the figure window.

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plot at once or line by line interactively? –  mskimm Apr 24 at 23:19
What does big chunk mean? Dose each line have a sample? –  mskimm Apr 24 at 23:21
Big chunk means I copy and paste the entire code segment into the console, vs pasting in each line separately. –  monkeybiz7 Apr 25 at 1:05
Maybe this helps –  mskimm Apr 25 at 1:13
And you need to clarify your question to get an answer. We should guess... what you ask. –  mskimm Apr 25 at 1:15

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