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My JSON is formatted a little weirdly because it's converted from XML, but here's the basic structure:

  "World": {
    "Continents": {
      "Continent": [

I'm trying to return cases where Continent = Asia. I've tried quite a few things but this is the one I suspected would work:

db.testing.find( { "World.Continents": { $elemMatch: { "Continent": "Asia" }}})

I've also butchered various queries based on a find on World.Continents.Continent but it's thrown back myriad errors at me for various syntax reasons.

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You can use this query:

db.testing.find( { "World.Continents.Continent":  "Africa" } )
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Wow. Yeah. I don't know whether that was so straight-forward that I didn't bother to try it or whether I fat-fingered it. Thanks for the help. –  Joshua Auriemma Apr 25 at 0:31

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