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Can someone explain the following Moq test?

I've tested this and it seems that the Method ValidateUser always returns true no matter what the username and password are?

public void LoginSuccessful()
    string testUserName = "TestUser";
    string testPassword = "TestPassword";

    // Setup the mock objects
    Mock<CustomMembershipProvider> mockMembership = new Mock<CosmoMongerMembershipProvider>();
    Mock<User> mockUserModel = new Mock<User>();
    Mock<CustomMembershipUser> mockUser = new Mock<CustomMembershipUser>(mockUserModel.Object);
    mockMembership.Expect<MembershipUser>(m => m.GetUser(testUserName, true))

    mockMembership.Expect<bool>(m => m.ValidateUser(testUserName, testPassword))
    AccountController controller = new AccountController(mockMembership.Object);
    ActionResult result = controller.Login(testUserName, testPassword, "");

    Assert.That(result, Is.TypeOf(typeof(FormsLoginResult)));

    FormsLoginResult loginResult = (FormsLoginResult)result;
    Assert.That(loginResult.UserName, Is.EqualTo(testUserName));
    Assert.That(loginResult.PersistentCookie, Is.True);
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ValidateUser is set to return true Expect<bool>(m => m.ValidateUser(testUserName, testPassword)) .Returns(true) – WannaCSharp Apr 25 '14 at 1:21
What should i put in place of this then? As the login details are incorrect – Connor Gervin Apr 25 '14 at 1:35
Your test is called LoginSuccessful so you've set up ValidateUser to return true. Because it's a mock, it doesn't really do a validation, it just does what you set it up to do. From your question, I'm not sure you understand the concept of mocking. – Mike Stockdale May 2 '14 at 22:11

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