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I want to release my own project using particular business license. Further, I want to release its beta version as OSS using GPL.

Can I accept outside contributions for GPL version and reflect them to the business license version? Or must I develop these two versions independently?

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You don't get the rights if the outside contributions are made under GPL. GPL-ed software is still copyrighted, and only the author(s) holds the rights.

If you choose the dual-license model, you face all the challenges that business model exposes. There are many resources on the Internet that further discuss the pros and cons, so I won't attempt to copy them.

Normally the workaround is to ask outside contributions to be released under MIT or any other permissive licenses, and then you can use them both under your business license and GPL. Alternatively, you can also ask the contributors to sign a "Joint Copyright Assignment" such as Via such arrangement Oracle can use the outside contributions even in their commercial products. You can do the same of course for your project.

You can read about popular/common open source business models from this Wikipedia link.

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Thanks for the answer. I totally agree with you. However, can we devide my project into two parts, the one is core using business licence and the ohter is a kind of plugin using MIT licence? The output contrigutions are only for the plugin. Is it undesirable? – KNaito Apr 25 '14 at 7:49
Yes, you can. But that becomes another business model (2.11), – Lex Li Apr 25 '14 at 8:19
Thank you for reply. I understood. – KNaito Apr 25 '14 at 11:08

A good resource for understanding open source license terms that I use, for instance MIT and GPL 3.0:

Hope it helps.

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