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I have got the oracle 9i database dump and i have installed oracle 11 XE on home.

I have installed on Ubuntu 14.04

I also have installed sql developer

I don't know how the dump was created but this is the log file

Connected to: Oracle9i Release - Production
JServer Release - Production
Export done in WE8MSWIN1252 character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set
server uses AL32UTF8 character set (possible charset conversion)

About to export specified users ...
. exporting pre-schema procedural objects and actions
. exporting foreign function library names for user JOHN 
. exporting PUBLIC type synonyms
. exporting private type synonyms
. exporting object type definitions for user JOHN
About to export JOHN's objects ...
. exporting database links
. exporting sequence numbers
. exporting cluster definitions
. about to export JOHN's tables via Conventional Path ...

I am new to oracle so not sure how to import it. Is there any GUI tools for that. Can i do in sql developer 4

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You will need to use SQLPLUS with imp command.

To import, create a shell script called importdb.sh:

sqlplus sys/sys@localhost as sysdba @Script.sql

imp asset_dw/asset_dw   FILE=asset_dw.dmp fromuser=asset_dw

Script.sql located in the same directory, asset_dw is an Oracle user, also the DB:

DROP  USER  asset_dw  CASCADE;
CREATE USER  asset_dw   IDENTIFIED BY asset_dw;   

You will need asset_dw.dmp in the same directory

Or you can try: this

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