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I am able to successfully publish a stream to my account using Stream.publish via Facebook Connect for iPhone. However, the {*actor*} token does not appear to get translated. I though this was a token that Facebook automatically translates to the user. Is this not the case? Here is my attachment JSON array.

attachment = "{"name":"Join {*actor*} PocketBracket Pool - The Pool Name
ready for the 2010 Men's College Basketball Tournament! Fill out your own
bracket and challenge your friends with PocketBracket."}";

Otherwise, I am only setting message and action_links. Do I need to set uid? Again everything shows up correctly, but {*actor*} is still literally within my stream.

Thanks, Jason

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RTFM, Looks like actor can only go in the caption:

caption: A subtitle for the post that should describe why the user posted the item or the action the user took. This field can contain plain text only, as well as the {actor} token, which gets replaced by a link to the profile of the session user. The caption should fit on one line in a user's stream; make sure you account for the width of any thumbnail.

Please let me know if this is not correct.

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You can use the tag {actor} only in caption, tested :)

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