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I am not that expert in Android app development. I'm confused at one point.

I have a Java web project developed using Jsp,Servlets etc. Now I want to create an Android app which would be the same in functionality/overall of existing web project.

What are best approaches to develop such kind of Android app?

Should I start creating from scratch or is it possible to embed most of the part to create Android app?

I dont want to use WebView of Android.

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Do you want host your web app on android or create client for your web service? Anyway It's not possible. –  Kolchuga Apr 25 at 6:42
@Kolchuga ,Oh! is it? there is no any resolution techniques. –  Amit Bhardwaj Apr 25 at 6:54
New project from scratch i think. JSP to Android? No way... –  Kolchuga Apr 25 at 7:04
From scratch... –  Tobi Apr 25 at 7:08
Is it possible to develop Android App with client REST web-services for my web application. –  Amit Bhardwaj Apr 25 at 7:25

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