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I need to catch closing tab/browser on mobile. onunload & onbeforeunload javascript event can catch refresh page, submit form, redirect page, close tab/browser... It worked perfectly on PC, but when I tried these events on mobile browsers (Chrome on Android, Safari on iOs). It can not catch closing tab/browser event. Please see my code below:

    window.onunload = window.onbeforeunload = function (e) {
        var e = e || window.event;

        // For IE and Firefox prior to version 4
        if (e) {        
            return "Hello";

        // For Safari   
        return "Hello";
  <?php echo "Test onunload and onbeforeunload event"; ?>

Could you please advise?


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Have you check for onunload? like window.onunload = function(e) {//your code } –  Ryan Apr 25 at 7:07
Or try to use JQuery unload function, for more details refer this. –  Ryan Apr 25 at 7:10
Yes, I already. But it is the same with window.onbeforeunload. –  Ryan Adolf Apr 25 at 7:11

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