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Here is my error:

rake aborted!
Gem::LoadError: You have already activated rake 10.3.1, but your Gemfile requires rake 10.2.2. Prepending `bundle exec` to your command may solve this.
/Users/AaronWilliamson/.gem/ruby/2.1.0/gems/bundler-1.5.3/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:34:in `block in setup'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/.gem/ruby/2.1.0/gems/bundler-1.5.3/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:19:in `setup'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/.gem/ruby/2.1.0/gems/bundler-1.5.3/lib/bundler.rb:119:in `setup'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/.gem/ruby/2.1.0/gems/bundler-1.5.3/lib/bundler/setup.rb:7:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/Desktop/Ripelist-Classifieds/config/boot.rb:4:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/Desktop/Ripelist-Classifieds/config/application.rb:1:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/Desktop/Ripelist-Classifieds/Rakefile:4:in `<top (required)>'
LoadError: cannot load such file -- bundler/setup
/Users/AaronWilliamson/Desktop/Ripelist-Classifieds/config/boot.rb:4:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/Desktop/Ripelist-Classifieds/config/application.rb:1:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/AaronWilliamson/Desktop/Ripelist-Classifieds/Rakefile:4:in `<top (required)>'
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

I can't run any rake tasks and this seems to be the root of all my other problems. It wasn't like this a couple days ago when I was running rake commands. Can anyone explain what's going on here and how to get my app back on track? I've hit a wall. Also, bundle exec doesn't fix the root of the problem for me. I never had to do that in the past and it's still not working now.

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Run bundle update –  japed Apr 25 '14 at 8:07
How did you use bundle exec ? You should run rake task like this: bundle exec rake namespace:task_name –  Santhosh Apr 25 '14 at 8:10
That is a different issue. This might help github.com/rails/rails/issues/2991 –  Santhosh Apr 25 '14 at 8:13
I've already looked at that link and it provides no solution. –  Aaron Apr 25 '14 at 8:15
bundle update actually did more harm than good. It reverted a lot of gem dependencies to very early versions. –  Aaron Apr 25 '14 at 8:43

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rubygems-bundler solves this. Run the following commands:

$ gem install rubygems-bundler

$ $ gem regenerate_binstubs

Then try your rake again.

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This is a simple issue which happens when your gemset has a rake version that is newer than the version number your Gemfile.lock mentions.

As is mentioned in the error message, you can use bundle exec to get things working.

My solution in such cases is to just remove Gemfile.lock if I am not too worried other gem versions and their endless dependencies. Otherwise, you can try just removing the one line in Gemfile.lock which talks about the version of rake. run bundle install and the world should be a happy place again.

PS: Try using gemsets and organising your gems with rvm for different projects.

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where could i see the version number of Gemfile.lock. can i ? –  Vinay Feb 18 at 6:34
@Vinay: There is no version number of Gemfile.lock as such. You should look in the file $PROJ_ROOT/Gemfile.lock. Search for text rake. Somewhere there should be a line which mentions a version number. That should be your clue as to what to do next. –  manu29.d Feb 18 at 8:05
Downvoting. You shouldn't break Bundler by removing or altering Gemfile.lock. Instead, use bundle update or something. –  Marnen Laibow-Koser Feb 26 at 22:54
@MarnenLaibow-Koser I agree that this is a "bad hack" per say but the situation here says that you have two versions of rake installed in the same bundle. So, you might have done something wrong like maybe, not separating out your bundles properly as per projects and the dependencies of 2 of them clashed. However, I would love to know another solution. Please provide a link if you find one. –  manu29.d Feb 27 at 9:23
@manu29.d I haven't figured out a better solution than bundle update either, but I wouldn't ever even consider a bad hack like this. –  Marnen Laibow-Koser Mar 2 at 2:02

You should run the rake task like this:

bundle exec rake namespace:task_name
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