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I've tried searching up and down for this but can't find anything. I have a combobox in a listview. The listview is bound to a list of objects exposed through the controller that the datacontext is bound to. One of the properties of the items in the list is a string. I'm trying to bind that value to what's in the combobox.

Here is a snippet of my listview

<ListView ItemsSource="{Binding Path=OrderLines}" >

                    <GridViewColumn Header="Item Type" Width="Auto">
                                <ComboBox Width="100" SelectedItem="{Binding Path=LineType,ValidatesOnDataErrors=True}" >


In the controller I have a property called OrderLines like such

    private List<OrderLine> orderLines;
    public List<OrderLine> OrderLines 
        get { return orderLines; }
            if (value == orderLines)

            orderLines= value;


And an OrderLine just has a property called LineType that is a string that contains the value.

    private string lineType;
    public string LineType 
        get { return lineType; }

            lineType= value;
            OnPropertyChanged("LineType ");

Can anyone help explain why the selected item/value is not being set. Does it have something to do with my content being hardcoded? Thanks for your help.

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It probably doesn't bind because LineType is a string and ComboBox contains ComboBoxItems, and a string != ComboBoxItem.

Try something along


where system is a namespace referencing System in mscorlib

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Thanks a lot. That worked. – Chris Cap Feb 24 '10 at 21:09

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