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i have the same issue as described here. In short: is use ProjectHelper and executeTarget from within a java file to execute an ant target from some ant xml file. However when in this ant file <antcall> is used, then i will get a FileNotFoundException that build.xml is missing although calling this ant target "normally" works perfectly fine. There is now reference to build.xml at all so i assume it looks for the standard build.xml and i don't know why. Has this issue been solved somewhere? Couldn't find any help with google.

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Can you show us the ant call target ? –  VirtualTroll Apr 25 at 17:00

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Had the same problem as described. After looking through all the unanswered posts, I found that you have to set the "ant.file" property if not using "build.xml" as the build file...

File buildFile = new File(antBuildFilePath);
ProjectHelper.configureProject(projAnt, buildFile);
projAnt.setUserProperty( "ant.file" , buildFile.getAbsolutePath());
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