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I can't get my head wrapped around solving the following problem using angularJS.

I have a list view containing different kinds of data elements. Each element in itself is a view and has its own controller.

Now I want to iterate over this Array of the data items and based on recordType attribute, I want to initialize a controller with a template and finally add it to the list view.

At the moment I am using ng-include="item.recordType+'.html'" to dynamically load the template and the template itself has an ng-controller tag which loads the relevant controller. But I am not sure if this is the best approach.

<div class="data-item" ng-repeat="item in container.record_collection">
    <div ng-include src="item.tRecordType + '.html'"></div>

Say record-type is apples

<script id="apples.html" type="text/ng-template">
   <div ng-controller="ApplesController as apple">
       <!-- ... HTML TEMPLATE ...  -->
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Could you show us your code? Since your items are repeated I'd think about creating a directive. –  kabamaru Apr 25 at 9:10
Sure give me a min. –  Tushar Apr 25 at 9:11
@kabamaru The directive would also work like ng-include wouldn't it ? Btw which part of the code would be required since the app is humongous. –  Tushar Apr 25 at 9:17
Yes exactly you could 'append' as many directives dynamically as you like, but this again might not worth the trouble if you are not using these pieces of code again and again. See groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/angular/uWmULMzDBTA/DJjnyL4EKT0J. But what's the problem you are having? –  kabamaru Apr 25 at 10:59
I just want to know the best practice. –  Tushar Apr 25 at 11:00

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