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I'm new in Oracle and I have this problem. I have two tables Tab1 and Tab2. In Tab1 I have column Tab1Col1 of VARCHAR2(50 BYTE), in Tab2 I have column Tab2Col1 of NVARCHAR2(50 CHAR). I try to copy data from Tab1Col1 into Tab2Col1 using this query:

insert into Tab2(Tab2Col1)
select Tab1Col1
from Tab1
where [condition];

And I get really weird results, like these:

Tab1Col1 | Tab2Col1
18900    | 1,89E+004                                          
18900    | 1,89E+004                                          
16240    | 1,624E+004                                         
16240    | 16240 

I mean weird because of sometimes the value is copied as it is and sometimes it is formatted (thats something what I do not want to). Could anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

I have one more related question. Is there some way how to correctly read numbers (if it is) from text column (Tab2Col1) while they are in different formats (1,624E+004, 16240)?

Thanks, Pavel

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Which database version are you using? –  Ravi. Apr 25 at 9:44
It is - 64bit. –  user1885304 Apr 25 at 10:00
I've been trying to populate the same error on my machine with 10G release but it returns correct result. Not much difference on SQL Fiddle either. sqlfiddle.com/#!4/d179e/1 –  Ravi. Apr 25 at 10:10
You might want to check your nls settings on the client - select * from nls_session_parameters. Also you can check that you have a valid number using to_number() function in the select or use to_char to format a number as a character (with format mask). It's probably a bad idea to be storing numbers in a varchar column anyway –  kayakpim Apr 25 at 11:44

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