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I have hundreds of ZIP archives and each of them contains 2000 to 4000 xml files in it. Now I need some way to get a text file that will contain list of these xml files or at least file counts from each archive.

Is there any application to do this, or can I do this through cmd or perl?

I am not an expert programmer

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Are you at least enthusiast programmer? snag.gy/iW5Ow.jpg –  mpapec Apr 25 at 9:41
You can use the command line UNZIP or 7-Zip etc with a command line switch to list the contents of the zip files. More information about the task, and which archiver you can use, is needed. –  foxidrive Apr 28 at 17:19

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Something like this:

use strict;
use warnings;

use Archive::Zip;

my $archive_name = "archive.zip";

my $archive_extract = Archive::Zip -> new ( $archive_name );
foreach my $member ( $archive_extract -> members() )
  print $member -> fileName(),"\n";

You will, of course, need to supply your own directory search. I would recommend looking at File::Find for that

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The program runs like a charm, I exported the file list to a text file with >file.txt in cmd, and I need another help, can I get the file counts inside each archive in a text file and also a loop to go around some n number of archives placed in a folder? –  Abilash A Apr 25 at 10:31

Archive::Zip can be used to read a zip file and it's members.

The module includes an examples directory that has a lot of useful scripts showing how to use the module.

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