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My Wordpress installation has been recently affected by some sort of malware which randomly include spam links within the content section of posts.

Here's an example:

<span id='ce8a2027-04c4-48a2-8bb6-bfc0bdabcecf'>
   <a href="http://deposittop.co.uk/online-poker-secret-number-one-award">online casinos</a>
<script type='text/javascript'>
if(document.getElementById('ce8a2027-04c4-48a2-8bb6-bfc0bdabcecf') != null){
   document.getElementById('ce8a2027-04c4-48a2-8bb6-bfc0bdabcecf').style.display = 'none'; 
   document.getElementById('ce8a2027-04c4-48a2-8bb6-bfc0bdabcecf').style.width = '0px'; 
   document.getElementById('ce8a2027-04c4-48a2-8bb6-bfc0bdabcecf').style.height = '0px';

Other posts have simple links without a script section.

Simply deleting the code from each post doesn't work, as these things show up again after some hours. I guess some other code is triggering the print, but I can't figure out where it could be.

Anyone knows what's the best approach to solve this?

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Have you tried disabling your plugins and see if it's one of them that's causing it? –  Howlin Apr 25 at 9:56
I've been trying.. still investigating. Also found out several accesses to my /wp-login.php with strange referrers, by looking at the access logs –  allienato Apr 29 at 21:38
solved by changing login and database passwords –  allienato May 10 at 8:31

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