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I came across an interesting article which shows how we can transparently encrypt jdbc connections using java thin client.


However I want to know how this can be achieved for application servers (like oc4j) datasources.

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It can be similarly done. I believe on the Oracle AS there is an option at the bottom of the page when you create datasource which says add properties. I believe you can add the following over there and give it a try.

// Set the Client encryption level  
"oracle.net.encryption_client" = Service.getLevelString(level)  

// Set the Client encryption selected list  
"oracle.net.encryption_types_client"= "(RC4_40)"

// Set the Client integrity level  
"oracle.net.crypto_checksum_client"= Service.getLevelString(level)  

// Set the client integrity selected list  
"oracle.net.crypto_checksum_types_client"="( MD5 )"

If it works out. Please let us know.

Thanks, Franklin.

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