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I am facing issues with sessions in my rails application and I can't seem to find anything relevant on the web.

Here is how I have configured session_store.rb

require 'action_dispatch/middleware/session/dalli_store'
App::Application.config.session_store  :dalli_store, :memcache_server => [''], :key => '_session', :expire_after => 14.days

This works, there are no problems with the memcached server.

For authlogic

class UserSession < Authlogic::Session::Base
logout_on_timeout true
last_request_at_threshold 100

And in User.rb

 acts_as_authentic do |c|
    c.login_field = 'email'
    c.require_password_confirmation = false
    c.logged_in_timeout = 14.days.from_now
    c.disable_perishable_token_maintenance = true

I can see two cookies being set in the browser: a) user_credentials b) _session

I think a) is set by authlogic. My questions:

1) Is user_credentials needed when I am using _session/rails memcached to store sessions?

2) If the session is being stored in memcache can I view it using the hash string stored in _session as a key ?

I also tried disabling user_credentials with the following piece of code:

class UserSession < Authlogic::Session::Base
logout_on_timeout true
last_request_at_threshold 100
  skip_callback :persist, :persist_by_cookie
  skip_callback :after_save, :save_cookie
  skip_callback :after_destroy, :destroy_cookie

After this there was no more user_credential cookie stored however the app had erratic behaviour:

a) User can navigate login only pages but certain ajax requests which require login were failing because of authentication failure.

b) User logs out randomly after some time even though _session has a far future expiry date.

c) Specifically after ajax requests fail, on refreshing the page, the user logs out.

Please note that the option to 'Remember Me' was not selected for any of those scenarios and I would like the user to remain logged in for about 2-3 hours even if they haven't selected 'remember me'.

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