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I get the MAPI_E_STORE_FULL OLE Error when I am trying to open a message item from store(mapistore.OpenEntry).

On going through some google search pages I found that this OLE error may be a result of using old style pst files(pre 2003 versions) if it has reached the size of 2 GB.

But again I am just trying to open the message item and not writing anything into the store. I am using MAPI interface through Python to read the contents of a message store. I am really confused. Is this error expected in case of reading the pst??

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You PST file is almost 2GB bit and you're using the old PST file format. That supports max. 2GB per file. Microsoft explains here how to convert it into the new format.

Use MFCMapi utility to open the store. You can isolate the problem with help of this tool.MFCmapi

Edited: Same problem as you have

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Thanks for the tool. I am trying my hands on it. Your 1st point....I have already mentioned that I am reading the store not writing anything to it. Would it still be a problem for the old style pst? How do we know if a pst is pre 2003 or post 2003? –  Barun Sharma Apr 25 at 11:07
I have edited the answer. Try it. –  Amit Shakya Apr 25 at 11:36
If my answer is the solution. Please upvote and accept. –  Amit Shakya Apr 25 at 12:07

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