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I have a post call that posts my form to the server and once this data is saved, a confirmation page is to be shown with the updated details. However, these details are not fetched on update i.e. it fetches the old content back again. So, if I have:

Name : Sammy Samuelson

and I click "Edit" and edit this name to "SamJBoy", on submit of the form, it posts & updates in the DB, however when it reloads the same page content it shows the name as "Sammy Samuelson".

This is my get call:

this.get(/\#(.*)/, function(context) {
    var route = this.params['splat'][0];
        .then(function(response) {

And this is my post call:

this.post(/\#(.*)/, function(context) {
   var route = base_url()+this.params['splat'][0];
   var datar = JSON.stringify(this.params);
   var app   = this;
      type    : "POST",
      url     : route,
      async   : false,
      dataType: 'html',
      data    : { 
      data : datar
   success : function(response)
      if(response=='') app.refresh();
        window.location.hash = response;

    return false;
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