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I expected the following to produce output from both publishers, but it only produces output from the first one:

var broadcastBlock = new BroadcastBlock<int>(null);
var transformBlock = new TransformBlock<int, int>(i => i*10);
var publish1 = new ActionBlock<int>(i => Console.WriteLine("Publisher 1:" + i));
var publish2 = new ActionBlock<int>(i => Console.WriteLine("Publisher 2:" + i));

broadcastBlock.LinkTo(transformBlock, new DataflowLinkOptions() { PropagateCompletion = true });
transformBlock.LinkTo(publish1, new DataflowLinkOptions() { PropagateCompletion = true });
transformBlock.LinkTo(publish2, new DataflowLinkOptions() { PropagateCompletion = true });

foreach (var i in Enumerable.Range(0, 5))
Task.WhenAll(publish1.Completion, publish2.Completion).Wait();

I'm obviously missing something fundamental here, any ideas?

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You are linking 2 ActionBlocks to a single TransformBlock. You should be linking the 2 ActionBlocks to the BrodcastBlock and link the BroadcastBlock to the TransformBlock.

What you have:

BroadCast => Transfrom => ActionBlock
                       => ActionBlock

What you need:

Transfrom => BroadCast => ActionBlock
                       => ActionBlock
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Thanks for the reply. So is the issue that a Transform block cannot be linked to multiple targets directly, and we must use the Broadcast block as an intermediary? I might have missed it but didn't see the documentation alluding to this. It does work when I introduce a broadcast block in between –  Amit G Apr 25 '14 at 11:26
@AmitG Some blocks can be linked to multiple targets but they don't "copy" the item to all the targets. For every item they only post to a single target. BroadcastBlock offers the item to all targets until its item changes. –  i3arnon Apr 25 '14 at 11:35

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