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I'm trying to create as a challenge for myself a text editor with some simple syntax features.(Like display some specific words in bold, different color, etc.).

I'm using Windows forms and Visual C++ and this is what i've done so far: - i've opened, read the file in a String^ and displayed it in the RickTextBox; - i've managed to style the desired words only with Find() method as seen in the stylewords() method in code sample;

My goal would be to open and read the file in a String^, check and compare each word if it is going to be individually styled and after i have applied the style rules i will load the text in the richTextBox.

/* this is loading the document in the RichTextBox control */

private: System::Void button2_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) {
             Stream^ myStream;
             OpenFileDialog^ openFileDialog1=gcnew OpenFileDialog;
                     String^ strfilename=openFileDialog1->InitialDirectory + openFileDialog1->FileName;
                     String^ Readfile=File::ReadAllText(strfilename);
             stylewords(); //call method to style words

I know i can use the Find() method to search for a specific word and apply a style to it but from what i know this works searching the whole string for that exact word and if i want to style let's say another 10 more different words i must do that over and over again....

void stylewords(){
int index=0;
while (index<richTextBox1->Text->LastIndexOf(textBox1->Text)) {
    richTextBox1->Find("abcdef", index, richTextBox1->TextLength, RichTextBoxFinds::WholeWord);
    richTextBox1->SelectionFont=gcnew System::Drawing::Font("Tahoma", 16, FontStyle::Italic);
    richTextBox1->Find("xyz", index, richTextBox1->TextLength, RichTextBoxFinds::WholeWord);
    richTextBox1->SelectionFont=gcnew System::Drawing::Font("Tahoma", 16, FontStyle::Bold);

Feel free to give advice or point me in the right direction ! Thank you in advance !

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As you are using C++/CLI, Microsofts great language that combines the cryptic syntax of C++ with the runtime execution speed of C#, you may want to switch to either language and reap the benefits of C++'s execution speed or C#s ease of use. Using C++/CLI is really only for people who want to use legacy code. If you don't have legacy C++ code, you are better of using either pure C++ or C#. –  nvoigt Apr 25 '14 at 11:02
Ok, thank you for the reply. –  bTz Apr 25 '14 at 17:39

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