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I tried to post this over on the Eclipse Pulsar site, but it doesn't seem to want to give me access, so I thought I would try over here.

All I'm trying to do create a basic "hello world" application to test on multiple mobile phones as a proof of concept. I downloaded Eclipse Pulsar and the Samsung SDK (though I have this problem with any SDK) and I created a new MIDlet Project and ME MIDlet and selected the 'hello world' wizard and the resulting code produces these errors:

"the import org.eclipse cannot be resolved" on all of the imports.

I know I'm missing something basic, but I would have expected org.eclipse to already be on the build path. I tried adding eswt-converged.jar as and external JAR to the Libraries on the build path which fixes the import errors, but this seems like a hack and causes other problems.

So my question is: What step have I missed in creating the Project/MIDlet and is there a how-to online somewhere that gives examples on this stuff?


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I think you are trying to create a "new eSWT Midlet". eSWT is a new UI toolkit that is not supported by most SDKs. Try using one of the other templates, something like Splash Midlet Template should be simple enough.

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That was exactly correct. I guess this means that each phone SDK has it's own library for creating GUIs. Looks like it could be a real pain to make a program that works on multiple phones. Thanks for the input! –  Andrew Feb 26 '10 at 18:34

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