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I'm trying to deal with web fonts generated by font squirrel with LESS. The problem is that for each font-weight, font-squirrel generated a separate font-face: myfont-regular, myfont-medium etc.

So I was trying to create a mixin which does font declaration and pass it as concatenated string of font-name ("apercu_") and weight('light', 'regular', 'bold') as font parameter:

    @weight: 'light',
    .textFont (@weight): {
    @size: 1.0em, 
    @lineheight: 1.4em, 
    @weight: normal, 
    @style: normal, @variant: normal) {
        font: @style @variant @weight @size~"/"@lineheight @family; 

Calling it as:

body {
    .font('bold', .textFont('bold'), 1.1em, 1.4em, 300);
     background: @bg;

So that .textFont('bold') returns "apercu_bold" into the .font mixin. But I get :

LESS.app Syntax error: that ')' is expected on line .textFont (@weight): {

Anyone has any ideas or maybe someone has already tries that ? Thanks.

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Well, it is not possible directly (mixins are not functions so they cannot return value). There's however four or five methods to do that indirectly. But before counting all those tricks, I actually wonder why you need a mixin for the font-family value, for example would not this be more easy to achieve the same like this or in similar fashion? –  seven-phases-max Apr 25 '14 at 12:30
Thanks! That did work! –  jewels Apr 25 '14 at 14:12
What's weird thought, but it's probably another question... For my site I use bookblock plugin for "page-turning". In my less I have two top-level page class .page1 et .page2 which serve as color/font themes: .page1 { .content {} …} etc. And when turning pages (alternating between calsses .page1 and .page2) of my site, first the "default" styles appears and only after a certain delay the colours and font are applied ? What the problem might be? If do not use nested classes in less, all works well. –  jewels Apr 25 '14 at 14:32
I was also wondering how switch between @family: "@{name}_@{nameWeight}";and @family: "@{name}"; depending on variable @static or @dynamic? Knowing that LESS does not support IF/ELSE, but has "guard" statements? –  jewels Apr 26 '14 at 14:57
Just read the corresponding sections at the docs: Pattern Matching, Mixin Guards etc. Depends on what you mean with @static and @dynamic (all Less variables are equal in that sense). –  seven-phases-max Apr 26 '14 at 16:28

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