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I have a Magento site which has multistore setup. The problem is when we browse the frontend after a few page visits suddenly the site stops loading. When I look into the server access log, it shows response code 500 for the URL which was accessed last. I am unable to reproduce the issue because the errorneous URL is not consistent.

If I would delete the cookie "frontend" set by Magento, the site works seamlessly again. I don't know how I can narrow down the debugging considering the effect of "frontend" cookie. Can anyone please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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did you look in your mysql db to see if you had a bad url? look at this article… – thetimmer Apr 25 '14 at 12:55
Thanks for the suggestion thetimmer. I had already looked into the DB. The base URLs are perfect. And the 500 error is not permanent, it pops sometimes only. Deleting 'frontend' cookie fixes the site back. – Ankit Jadav Apr 25 '14 at 13:03
sorry, I'm probably still a little too new to Magento to comment but I understand the frustration and am rooting for you. So it's different urls causing the issue? does the log list the url each time so you can see why it's incorrect? I ask because I implemented a fix last night for FedEx tracking where a semi colon was being inserted before an equal sign. – thetimmer Apr 25 '14 at 13:10

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