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we have a problem with the stopping sequece of Karaf ... is there any sequence? :) Like reverse order for my bundles start-level ... How can I control the start or the stop sequence of Karaf ... not programmatically, but over the config.

My proposals:
1. In the deploy/features.xml??? Maybe start-level definition?
2. Or some depends declarations in the blueprint.xml??
3. Or in the pom.xml over the configuration of the maven-bundle-plugin??

I think the start order is automatically resolved by karaf in the correct way, but how is stop sequece defined???

Thanks a lot

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Shutdown happens in the reverse order to startup.


All of the bundles at a particular start level will have BundleActivator.stop(BundleContext) called before bundles with a lower start level will be stopped.


In particular, all of the stop invocations will have returned before Bundles with lower start levels are stopped.

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