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I'm trying to fetch current_user.albums to display on a select list.

<% album_options = current_user.albums { |a| [a.title, "#{a.title}-Album"] } %>

<%= select :screen, :attachable_id, options_for_select(album_options) %>

but i'm getting an output of:

<select id="screen_attachable_id" name="screen[attachable_id]">
  <option value="#<Album:0x007fe77bacf2a0>">#&lt;Album:0x007fe77bacf2a0&gt;</option>

What am i missing?

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You forgot about map:

<% album_options = current_user.albums.map { |a| [a.title, "#{a.title}-Album"] } %>
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Lol... :D.. totally forgot it ! –  The Mini John Apr 25 '14 at 12:10

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