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I have a simple bit of jQuery in doc ready which toggles a div containing a textarea:

$('div#addnote-area').hide(); // hide the div
$('a#addnote-link').click(function() { // click event listener on link
     $('div#addnote-area').toggle(); // toggle the hidden div 

The toggle works fine when clicking the link. The problem I'm having is that if div#addnote-area is below the browser's current viewport, it remains there when it's shown. I'd like the user's cursor to go to the textarea and for the whole textarea to be viewable in the window.

Click here to see an image for more context

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Check out the scrollTo jQuery plugin. You can simply do something like this:


Or, if you want to animate it, provide the # of milliseconds for the scrolling to last:

$.scrollTo('div#addnote-area', 500);
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@Matt Thanks, that does the trick! Wish there was a simple jQuery (non-plugin) way, but I'll take it. –  k00k Feb 24 '10 at 20:48

Without the scrollTo plugin


EDIT: Well I sure get a lot of points from this old answer :)

Here's a bonus, this can also be animated.

Just use the animate() function and target the body tag:


Try it on Stackoverflow! Open the inspector console and run


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The animated solution seems to work for Chrome and not Firefox (18.0.1). I am not too sharp with JS/jQuery, anyone know why this may be? –  Michael Pell Feb 4 '13 at 15:42
Try to animate both body and html..$('body,html') –  Ben Feb 4 '13 at 22:42

jQuery's scrollTop also works. Try setting like:

 $('#idOfElement').css('scrollTop', 10)

You can get height/width pretty easily using $(...).offset().

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