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As stated in the title, is there a way of doing this using Google Plugin for eclipse?

I tried to generate it using Generate Cloud Endpoints class in GPE, I got this error in appengine log:

org.datanucleus.metadata.MetaDataManager loadPersistenceUnit: Class com.UserDataEndpoint was specified in persistence-unit transactions-optional but not annotated, so ignoring

All the classes I generate using "Generate Cloud Endpoints class" have this error, and can't do any transactions in the API Explorer.

I read in other thread of Stackoverflow, but there is no clear guide on doing this correctly, so I opened a new thread.

Thank you

EDIT : I forgot to mention that I'm using GPE App Engine Connected Android Project wizard to deal with Objectify 5

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Can you post the link of the "other thread of Stackoverflow" ? –  Gilberto Torrezan Apr 25 at 15:11
The most relevant is here : stackoverflow.com/questions/20938434/… tom's answer I'm still confused, because there's no errors when GPE plugin generates the Endpoint class. What I get from tom's answer is that the generated codes are still using JDO annotation which won't work with objectify –  mamankuat Apr 25 at 15:53
Is there different annotations for Endpoint Class for database using Objectify? –  mamankuat Apr 26 at 7:43

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