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I'm trying to send a JSon back to the controller with an attribute that is a list of a generic class. Inside that list, there will be instances of different specialized classes. Like the following:

class Coluna 
{ (...) }

class ColunaInformacao : Coluna 
{ (...) }

class ColunaResposta : Coluna
{ (...) }

and the list attribute itself:

class Apuracao 
  public List<Coluna> Colunas { get; set; }

When on the view, I'm succesfully creating a JSon with an Apuracao instance and it's list attribute (Colunas) in which I have instances of ColunaInformacao and ColunaResposta types.

Problem is: When the controller binds the JSon to my model, it's creating all items on the list attribute as of the type Coluna, and discarding the extra data from the specific classes (ColunaInformacao and ColunaResposta).

Any way to accomplish the correct type on the binding?

EDIT: Just to clarify a bit more: I'm sending data from the view to the controller. The JSON is perfectly formed. The controller receives it and binds it without any problems.

My question rely on the fact that JavaScript classes are loosely typed, so, there isn't a "class type" on it (except by the generic [object]). When binding a string version of a JavaScript class (JSon) how would the defaultBinder know which specialized class it has to use on my C# model.

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how are you doing your json serialization? –  ChampChris Apr 25 '14 at 12:51
"by hand"... That is: I'm buiding up an object (with all correct attributes names) and after that, calling JSON.stringify on it. And the controller is getting all right, just not the instances types... –  Marcelo Myara Apr 25 '14 at 12:55
So binding wrong going from the controller to view? or vice versa from the view to the controller? If your using JSON.Stringify i get the impression your on your view (view.cshtml). If your own your controller have you tried netwonsoft.json.convert? when i use that on controllers it works fine getting all the properties from classes that implement interfaces and also inherit base classes –  ChampChris Apr 25 '14 at 13:06
@ChampChris, the binding itself is working. The problem is more subtle, though. The Colunas attribute is a list of Coluna, and that's what the defaultBinder is instanciating (Colunas instances). But problem is that i'm filling that list with specialized classes (classes that inherit from Coluna) and since JavaScript classes are loozely typed, the binder is not getting this... –  Marcelo Myara Apr 25 '14 at 13:25
Is it possible to have classes strongly typed and created in c# and created to JSON strings server side and passed to the view? It sounds like you creating the objects client side in the view. –  ChampChris Apr 25 '14 at 18:48

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