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I have a problem with some simple code I simply cannot resolve. I'm using Delphi 5 with all updates applied.

I have this code block:

procedure TForm1.LoadBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
   s1, s2, s3 : Textfile;
   sa, sb, RString, SQLString : string;
  with sourcequery do begin
     SQL.Add('delete * from source');
     AssignFile(S2, 'c:\delphi programs\events\source1.txt');
     AssignFile(S1, 'c:\delphi programs\events\source2.txt');
     while not eof(s1) do begin
        readln(s1, RString);
        SQLString := 'insert into source1(f1, f2) values(';
        SQLstring := SQLString+ QuotedStr(copy(Rstring, 1, pos(chr(9), Rstring)-1))+', ';
        SQLString := SQLString+QuotedStr(copy(Rstring, pos(chr(9),Rstring)+1,length(Rstring)))+')';
        with sourcequery do begin

When I try to compile it, though, it halts after "eof(" on this line:

 while not eof(s1) do begin

with the "missing operator or semi-colon" error message.

Try as I might I can find no error - missing operators OR semi-colons. I have commented the file-reading block out and it compiles fine. I've retyped it a number of times in case there were hidden special characters. So far this is the entire program apart from the header information.

Can anyone spot the silly error?

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You probably have a scope resolution issue. Try while not System.eof(s1)... instead. – 500 - Internal Server Error Apr 25 '14 at 13:33
and this is why you shouldn't use with – David A Apr 25 '14 at 13:41
"with" is evil, as it makes code hard to read. The IDE can't figure out what you mean, the next developer to look at the code will also be at a disadvantage. – Chris Thornton Apr 25 '14 at 13:56
"With Considered Harmful" --… – Nick Hodges Apr 25 '14 at 15:38
A nested with?!? It burns! IT BURNS! Make it stop! – Nick Hodges Apr 25 '14 at 15:39
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All your code is wrapped in a with sourcequery do begin block, so any identifier within that block is first checked for whether it could be a member of sourcequery. That variable, evidently, has a member named eof that isn't a function. The compiler binds the eof name to that non-function instead of the function you expected it to be bound to, and therefore complains when you attempt to use it like a function.

The best solution is to stop using with. It leads to problems like this, where the apparent scope of names doesn't match the one the compiler sees. It also leads to problems debugging (because of a long-standing bug in the debugger, where it interprets names the way you did here, rather than the way the compiler interprets them). It can lead to other bugs, too. If you don't like typing all the time, then you can create an alias for sourcequery that doesn't take up so much room:

  sq: TypeOfSourceQuery;
  sq := sourcequery;

If you really don't want to use that solution, then you can use the quick-and-easy solution, which is to qualify the eof name with the unit it belongs to. In your case, you want the function defined in the System unit, so change your code to indicate that:

while not System.Eof(s1) do begin
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Rob, thanks for that. I was going to remove the with block at the top of the program because it wasn't necessary anyway although I had planned to use it. I don't mind not using the with blocks if there is a technical reason not to do so, although they are very handy. – Capfka Apr 25 '14 at 14:59
+1 for "Stop using with." – Mason Wheeler Apr 25 '14 at 17:25

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