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I am trying to echo my price field but I need a £ symbol before it, I have tried adding it to this line of code but i keep getting errors, help please!

  echo "<td>" . $row['price'] . "</td>";
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What errors?! –  deceze Apr 25 at 13:35
echo "<td>" . $row['price'] . "£</td>"; –  gbestard Apr 25 at 13:35
echo "<td>£ " . $row['price'] . "</td>"; –  putvande Apr 25 at 13:35
May I ask what you have already tried, and what error you're getting ? –  bastienbot Apr 25 at 13:35
ups, I've read "after" ... –  gbestard Apr 25 at 13:36

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Try this"

echo "<td>" . $row['price'] . "£</td>";

Or instead of £ with HTML output you can always write


like this:

echo "<td>&pound;". $row['price'] . "</td>";
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echo "<td> £" . $row['price'] . "</td>";

You could add as well to get a standard amount with a comma seperating thousands

  "<td> £" . number_format( $row['price']) . "</td>";
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echo "<td> &pound;" . $row['price'] . "</td>";
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Some currency characters are part of the Unicode character set, so you need to declare that in the head of your documents:

& pound;

Read more here


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