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This is driving me up the wall.

I have a laravel project and I'm using subversion for version control. Laravel projects have a folders:


I need each of the subfolders, but I don't want their contents in my repository. I also super super do not want the contents to show up in my list when I run svn status.

I tried adding the svn:ignore property to each folder by using:

svn propset svn:ignore * .

But EVERYTHING in the subfolders still show as files ready to be added when I run svn status

I've seen people use svn propset svn:ignore *.* . to ignore everything in a folder. I gave that a try as well but it still doesn't work (likely because the files normally do not have an extension which makes the pattern not match).

Is there something I'm misunderstanding??


Here's the output for the commands svn proplist and svn status:

[chriss-mbp:storage]: svn proplist *
Properties on 'cache':
Properties on 'logs':
Properties on 'meta':
Properties on 'sessions':
Properties on 'views':

[chriss-mbp:storage]: svn status
?       logs/laravel.log
?       meta/services.json
?       sessions/3a792417f991b8eb744c06ce73a616604fcca6d3
?       views/7a8aece605b3d3e46f3aa693f077c301
?       views/93279b38fe9be84844babfd1c383f74d
?       views/bbf7bfd90b52526ecd113046a994d2b0
?       views/f2824491ec74e36ce353ab66ce66ad11


So I was able to add in the svn:ignore property with the * character by going into svnx, selecting the folder that I wanted to add the ignore property to, clicking the property button, and adding svn:ignore as a new property and * unquoted and unescaped as it's value. This change definitely ignores everything in the folder when viewed via svnx and via command line.

When I go back to the command line and run svn pl views, it returns:

[chriss-mbp:storage]: svn pl views/
Properties on 'views':

It's like the ignore property is there but there's no specifics on what to ignore (I guess that means "Ignore everything"?). It's odd, though, that I would be able to add the asterisk in svnx and it doesn't show via command line.

I'm glad that I got the ignore to work, but I don't really understand the exact reasoning behind why it's working. If anyone wants to fill in the blank I'd be happy to give them the check.

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Please, show your svn pl -v output with svn st –  Lazy Badger Apr 25 '14 at 15:35

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I think that you will need to escape or quote the * you are passing to your command, to prevent your shell from expanding it rather than using it as a literal value passed to the svn propset command. Or, try using propedit or the -F flag on propset to load a text editor or pass in a file, respectively.

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I've tried both escaping the asterisk and using a file in the property and neither seems to be doing the trick :/ –  Chris Schmitz Apr 28 '14 at 14:20

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