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I want to prove that for any natural number n+1 is greater than 0.

Defining my own greater than function this works fine:

Fixpoint my_gt (n : nat) (m : nat) : bool
  := match n with
     | O    => false
     | S n' => match m with
               | O    => true
               | S m' => my_gt n' m'

Lemma GT1: forall n, my_gt (S n) O = true. reflexivity. Qed.

But when I use the default ">"-relation Coq refuses with the message "Tactic failure: The relation gt is not a declared reflexive relation. Maybe you need to require the Setoid library". Because I do require the Setoid library I don't understand why Coq does not seem to find the gt definition?

Require Export Coq.Setoids.Setoid.
Lemma GT2: forall n, S n > O. reflexivity.
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If you take a look at Coq's gt definition, you will this that it is just a notation over lt, which is a notation over le:

    gt = fun n m : nat => m < n
         : nat -> nat -> Prop

    lt = fun n m : nat => S n <= m
         : nat -> nat -> Prop

    Inductive le (n : nat) : nat -> Prop :=
        le_n : n <= n | le_S : forall m : nat, n <= m -> n <= S m

Now as you can see, it is not declared as a function, but as an inductive predicate, so you cannot simply "compute" to get the solution. To prove such a goal, you will have to use tactics such as constructor and induction to prove your goal.

Note that your relation is in bool whereas Coq's is in Prop (the general way to compare two elements of some type might no be decidable). For the particular case of natural numbers, you can find leb somewhere in the Arith module, which behaves as you except:

    Require Import Arith.
    Print leb.

    Lemma GT2: forall n, leb O (S n) = true.

Best, V.

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Thanks: I now defined Lemma GT2: forall n, S n > O. induction n. constructor. constructor. auto. Qed. – Maarten Faddegon Apr 25 '14 at 15:36

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