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A project I own was just moved from an older server to a new one, and in the process of moving the web folder, re-deploying the SSRS reports, restoring the database, configuring IIS, etc... I have lost the ability to view the Microsoft Chart Controls that are embedded in the SSRS reports, that are then displayed by a Microsoft.ReportViewer.

I could view them both locally and remotely (via the internet) on the old server. I can view them if I preview the SSRS report in Visual Studio. The report displays fine, only missing all the embedded charts. I can still view them locally through the web browser, just not from the internet.

What am I missing?

I tried giving permissions to the ChartImageHandler temp storage folder, but it didn't work.

I'm getting the Javascript error: Error: ClientReport380ec8ca0c294a809e9986c1bef9db1c is undefined

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I noticed when I added MS Charts to my project that you had to install them, rather than just place a dll in your bin folder. Is it possible the new server has not had the charts EXE file installed?

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MS Charts are installed on this server. – Daniel Coffman Feb 24 '10 at 22:05

I suggest you take a look at google chart api. All you would need is an image control with the url pointing to google charts. It's fantastic & as long as you dont have .5 million requests, google is happy to serve you.

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They key to this puzzle is the change in servers: we went from IIS to IIS7. IIS7 requires the line in the web.config handlers section.

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