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I went through the documentation and tried to follow the code examples on github, but I'm still confused.

Is this the procedure?

1) Generate an index:

index = search.Index(name = "geoSearch") 

2) Define fields:

ID = #my ID
geopoint = #a lat long coordinate
fields = [
        search.TextField(name = "ID", value = ID),
        search.GeoField(name = "location" , value = geopoint) ]

3) Create a document to store fields:

doc = search.Document(fields = fields)

4) Then I'll iterate through, and add "fields" to my document one a time like so:

search.Index(name = "geoSearch").add(doc)

And once I finish iterating through, then I'll have a search index? Does this seem reasonable? Thanks.

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Note that you also need an index configuration file:

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