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I am using


to show my users a generated html file. All is fine if the browser (firefox 3.5.7; linux) is started before I make the call. But if the browser start is triggered from the getDesktop().browse call then the java application will not exit until the browser closes.

How can I avoid this behaviour? Is this known under windows/macOsx too?

(If I then force the exit of the java application the browser will close too and sometime even crash!?)

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The reason the browser exists is because the browser is launched as a dependent process...so when the first process shuts down, all its dependent processes are shut down with it. But in the case when you start the browser first, it already has a different process ID that isn't affected by your application. I think the only way to avoid this behavior is to use a different technique (perhaps Runtime.exec()?) to launch the browser in a way that registers it as a non-dependent process.

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Yes, thanks! that did the trick. I am usining now the code here: centerkey.com/java/browser (of course without the fallback version to jse6 or I will fallback to jse6 if the other calls do not work :-)) –  Karussell Feb 24 '10 at 22:11

The project Browser Launcher (http://browserlaunch2.sourceforge.net/) can be the solution for your problem. You can launch a browser from your code like this:

String url = "http://....";
BrowserLauncher() launcher = new edu.stanford.ejalbert.BrowserLauncher();
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