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I need a Silverlight DatePicker Control that allows a user to select a Year only or to select YearMonth. allowing me to set this type of functionality in xaml something like this:

<sdk:DatePicker my:DatePickerCalendar.IsYear="True" my:DatePickerFormat="yyyy"/>


<sdk:DatePicker my:DatePickerCalendar.IsMonthYear="True" my:DatePickerFormat="MM/yyyy"/>
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please explain what the issue is. what have you tried? – pennstatephil Apr 25 '14 at 16:00

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You may try this Modified version of silverlight Date Picker control to display only Month or Year

<sdk:DatePicker Name="datepicker1"
                CalendarMode="Year" />

DatePicker Month or year

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Easiest solution I found was a combination of

DateTimePicker start on year

private void dp_CalendarOpened(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        DatePicker dp = (DatePicker)sender;
        Popup popup = (Popup)dp.Template.FindName("PART_Popup", dp);
        Calendar cal = (Calendar)popup.Child;

        cal.DisplayMode = CalendarMode.Year;
        cal.DisplayModeChanged += cal_DisplayModeChanged;

private void cal_DisplayModeChanged(object sender, CalendarModeChangedEventArgs e)
        Calendar calendar = (Calendar)sender;
        Popup popup = (Popup)calendar.Parent;

        if (e.NewMode == CalendarMode.Month)
            //calendar.DisplayMode = e.OldMode;
            calendar.SelectedDate = calendar.DisplayDate.AddDays((calendar.DisplayDate.Day * -1) + 1).AddMonths(1).AddDays(-1);
            popup.IsOpen = false;

            calendar.DisplayModeChanged -= cal_DisplayModeChanged;
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